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Active Intelligence works with a wide range of companies and offers a highly personalized approach tailored to each business. Bottom line is, we help our clients attain the sales growth they're striving for.

We work with clients to impliment and create an affiliate program that will set your business up for success and high returns. Click here to learn more!

"The work Active Intelligence has done for Sites, LLC is the heart of our companies success. Their formula for creating Affiliate Partnerships has been the driving force that pumps the blood to this company, generating the lions share of our new customer sales, all while producing massive traffic and sales leads."

Mike Saad, Director of Sales & Marketing for Sites, LLC.

"Sara knows how to leverage the online opportunities and build relationships better than anyone I have ever met in my 26 year career. Additionally she is ethical and diligent and does her work with a smile and great attitude. She will surpass your expectations. She has the ability to rapidly increase your sales, perhaps even double or triple your sales or more."

Robert Dunlop, Professional Engineer, Co-Founder of Feeling Good Hub™