Man with Plan

Enterprise Partnership Program

If you are interested in doubling your companies sales through a robust affiliate partnership program, you are at the right place. W
e deliver a six month consulting package that will get your first class affiliate partnership program established and running. The process begins with a review of your business and existing infrastructure. Then we work with you to create the overall goals of the partnership program and provide you with a plan to get there.  

After approval of the proposed program design, we begin implementing the plan and provide the following:

  • The win-win partnership proposal
  • A targeted and vetted list of good affiliate and JV partners
  • Partnership aquisitions
  • Marketing Campaign Negotiations 
  • Partnership Management
  • Legal Partnership Agreements
  • A system to track and organize both leads and new partners
  • Consulting on the best affiliate tracking platform for you
  • Consulting for negotiating the best promotion strategies with partners that result in maximum sales
  • Marketing Campaigns to be implemented with partnerships
  • Consulting on a powerpoint educational webinar presentation
  • Consulting for leveraging partnerships for increased brand recognition
In the end, you will have an affiliate partnership program that has the capacity to leverage the notoriety and success of other industry leaders, creates exponential brand recognition and growth, provides a consistent increase in sales and profit, and will have scalable systems in place for maximum long-term growth. Please contact us for an individual quote or to learn more.